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Global Technology Users Resource Center gives you access to Brochure and Database Maintenance Guide. The documents provide detail on IT Users Databases we have plus how to maintain your precious data.

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Data Management

Extract, Transform and Enrich

Having vital data customer ready gives you a fuller profile of the customer. This ready-to-use information equips you to up-sell and cross-sell possibilities, as well improve customer service.

Global Technology Users leverages our advanced data mining, data ing process to discover insightful data about your customers. Our service enables businesses to turn raw customer data into critical customer insight. This gives you the competitive advantage to succeed in today's competitive markets.

B2B Data Enrichment

Our B2B data enrichment enables you to segment and analyze your customer's data on the basis of relevant business data.

How we enrich data:

  • Append contact information ( email, phone, mailing address)
  • Add firmographic data (revenue,  size, industry, SIC Code, etc)
  • Add geospatial data of customers
  • Add demographic data

Benefits from Data Enriching:

  • Reach the right customers
  • Maximize the effect of communications
  • Expand customer insights
  • Add collaborative insights
  • Add enterprise collaboration

Relevant, Actionable, intelligent

By adding insightful data and 360-degree view of each customer, you can drastically improve marketing and customer service. We help organizations across all industries utilize new data for targeted marketing, profiling, and business intelligence.

We invite you to use of our data tools and experience to turn raw customer data into actionable, profit-producing information.

To help you get started, Global Technology Users ' experienced services consultants can help you with all aspects of your data enrichment project.

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